Meal Plan 03/11/19 - 03/15/19

So I think I’ve figured out why I’m finding meal planning / cooking such a drag lately. It doesn’t matter how prepared I am, it never ends. I can have a perfect week full of carefully planned meals, efficient grocery shopping trips, nary a takeout menu in sight and ... then I have to do it all over again. One perfect week means nothing. 

But not striving for a perfect week means a lot of delivery pizza and cereal for dinner so here I am, begrudgingly planning another week’s meals. 


Monday: Spaghetti served with green salad

Tuesday: Shredded chicken tacos served with purple cabbage slaw

Wednesday: Tom Yum soup with tofu

Thursday: Loaded nachos with the leftover components from Tuesday’s tacos 

Friday: some sort of roasted vegetable / protein sheet pan situation (suggestions welcome!)

What’s on your meal plan this week?