Meal Plan 02/25/19 - 03/01/19

I am struggling to stay on top of food and laundry and life in general. I’ve been feeling really down about it all but I’m trying to be more gentle with myself. This is the tail end of an endless winter. The days are short and the sky is grey and it’s okay if everything feels challenging and uncomfortable right now.  

I’m not making any magic with this week’s meal plan but at least I’m making an effort.  


Monday: turkey burrito bowls with roasted veg and fresh guacamole. Today I roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts and cooked a pot of wild rice. Tomorrow I just have to quickly cook up some ground turkey with taco seasoning and make the guacamole.

Tuesday: loaded nachos with the leftover components from the burritos bowls. I’ve got a pile of avocados approaching ripeness so I’ll probably make fresh guacamole two nights in a row. Who said I wasn’t making magic?

Wednesday: baked chicken breast with a garlic mushroom cream sauce served with roasted  broccoli and garlic smashed baby potatoes. 

Thursday: spaghetti

Friday: pizza and chicken wings

What’s on your meal plan this week?