Tiny Happy Tuesday 2019:2

1. I came home from a very long day, sighed, and said, “I’m exhausted.” 

“I’m with ya, sister!” Grady replied.  

2. My parents came over on the weekend and brought Poppy’s Christmas present - a shopping cart - with them. My dad had to assemble it so Poppy brought over her toy tool kit to assist and then when she realized the complexity of the project she handed him a play $5 and said, “here’s a hundred dollars. Fix it.”

3. Shawn washed and detailed my car on the weekend and there’s something so luxurious about driving a perfectly spotless car (especially when you have kids).  

4. We saw the sun today. We might see the sun tomorrow.  

5. I asked to be referred to a different ophthalmologist than the doctor who did my eyelid surgery in 2017 and my optometrist listened to me and referred me to a new doctor without any fuss. 


What’s making you happy this week?