Meal Plan 05/28/2018 - 06/01/2018

I've managed to completely fall off the meal-planning wagon and my budget/sanity/fridge are suffering. I'm completely overwhelmed now so I'm committing to get back into my habit of Sunday meal planning. It feels like a manageable step that will hopefully add a bit of structure to my week (and cut back on the flood of junk food / comfort food that seems to piggyback with stress). 

I'm also experimenting with sous vide and could use some help. I bought Shawn the Anova (affiliate link) for his birthday and so far we're underwhelmed. I've only used it twice (once for sirloin steak and once for chicken breast) but both times the meat came out a bit mushy and unappealing. Do you sous vide? Point me to your best recipes, tips, and tricks, please! 

{Follow along on Instagram @hillarywith2Ls to see if I manage to stick with my plan. #dinnerwith2Ls} 

{Follow along on Instagram @hillarywith2Ls to see if I manage to stick with my plan. #dinnerwith2Ls} 

Monday: Giant green salads topped with fresh mozzarella and grilled flank steak.

Tuesday: Spaghetti Pie served with green salad on the side.

Wednesday: Asian Noodle Salad served with whatever fish looks good at the fishmonger.

Thursday:  Grilled smokies, Mexican Street Corn Salad, and roasted peppers with garlic and herbs.

Friday: Snack dinner! Chicken wings, nachos with fresh guacamole and salsa, fresh veg and homemade ranch dip, popcorn, strawberries, and watermelon. 

What are you planning to eat this week?