Easter Baskets and Holiday Extravaganzas

We're not a religious family so Easter is very much about the chocolate in our house. Do you do Easter baskets? Egg hunts? Big family dinners? We're still figuring out what works best for our family, especially since Poppy has allergies we need to accommodate. It wasn't as difficult last year when we could swap out the yummy treats in her Easter basket for books and socks. 

It's also becoming difficult to enjoy a little extravagance when every holiday brings with it an influx of stuff. Sometimes it feels like we're drowning in stuff. I'm not pointing any fingers (because let's be real, I'm the worst offender) but it seems like we're in a never-ending cycle of accumulating things and then struggling to find places for them. 

How do you handle holidays? Do you enforce a "consumables, only" rule? Do you ask others to not indulge your kids so you have the opportunity to without feeling like things are getting out of hand? Do you shut up and roll with it because really there aren't that many holidays in the year?