Meal Plan 03/12/2018 - 03/16/2018

I struggled to make last week's meal plan but I was glad to have done it once I stopped my grumbling. I didn't manage to stick to it for the duration of the week, and full disclosure: we ended up ordering pizza on Friday, but I'm still calling it a success. It motivated me enough to stick with it this week. It was nice to feel less frantic in the kitchen and when I did manage to cook, we had lovely leftovers to take to work for lunch the following day. 


Monday: Instant Pot Fiasco Beans for Meatless Monday (I saw these on Holly Burns's Instagram Stories and haven't stopped thinking about them since. I'm guessing the rest of my family is not going to be enthused so I reckon I'll have a lot of leftovers to take for lunch this week.) I'll serve with Bang Bang Broccoli and quick pickled red onions and purple cabbage. 

Tuesday: Spaghetti Bolognese (Shawn's on spaghetti squash)

Wednesday: Panko-crusted chicken tenders served with roasted sweet potato spears, leftover Bang Bang Broccoli, and a lemon garlic yogurt dip.

Thursday: Leftover roasted sweet potato spears topped with leftover spaghetti sauce. I'm planning to melt cheddar cheese on top and add a sprinkle of spring onions for a sort of chili-fries-esque comfort food dish. Is it Thursday yet?

Friday: Instant Pot Coconut Fish Curry made with whatever looks good at the fishmonger. I'll serve it on top of steamed rice with Thai Cucumber Salad on the side. 

Look, I realize how basic I'm about to sound but here it is: the best thing I've done in the kitchen lately is meal prepping on Sunday. It's not enough to make my plan and do my grocery shopping; I need to get a head start on the week. I'm extremely fortunate to only work in the office three days per week but those three days are an absolute shit show if I don't prepare in advance. Today I soaked my beans for tomorrow's meal, and prepared my sides. I made Tuesday's Bolognese sauce and froze a portion for Thursday's meal. It took a couple hours to get it all done but it's going to make my week run more smoothly so it was worth it.

What's on your meal plan this week? How do you prep for the week?