Tiny Happy Tuesday: 15

Tuesday is almost over and I have not yet managed to find any tiny happies. This Tuesday has been tears and frustration and anxiety and overall feeling crappy. 

Which means Tiny Happy Tuesday is probably something I really need right now. Real talk: I would rather just go to bed. 

  • Netflix. I am currently binge watching Quantico season 2. It's the kind of fluff I enjoy. Not super violent. Not too gory (I'm a wimp). Not too thinky.
  • My peace lily bloomed. Shawn's brother gave it to me for my birthday last year and not only did I manage to keep it alive, I kept it healthy enough to bloom again. This feels like a win.
  •  I'm a damn grownup so I can eat ice cream for dinner (when my kids aren't watching).
  • We've got great doctors and extremely good access to healthcare.  

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