Tiny Happy Tuesday: 14

It's 9am and Grady and I have already had a *tense discussion* about food, he's lost his screen time privileges for the day, and he's not well enough to go to school. I'm digging deep for Tiny Happy Tuesday is what I'm saying. 

What is Tiny Happy Tuesday? It's a prompt to acknowledge and appreciate all the little happies piling up to give me my beautiful, chaotic, lovely life. Want to join? You can find more info here.

  • Shawn went on a car cruise thing-a-ma-bob last weekend and they stopped for lunch at a winery. He texted me a gorgeous photo as I was standing in the pouring rain, wrestling a furious Poppy, while attempting to watch Grady's baseball game. He brought home a bottle of wine from the winery so I quickly forgot about the pouring-rain-kid-wrangling. We drank it last night while watching stand-up on Netflix and it was a perfect, low-key Monday evening.
  • Last week I got a surprise care package in the mail from one of my dearest friends. It was unexpected, extremely thoughtful, and exactly what I needed on that day. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by caring people.
  • Poppy had a rough appointment yesterday and Grady was the only thing that calmed her down. He cuddled her and soothed her crying and after, as we were driving home, he told me he loves Poppy so much, one hundred times more than he loves screens (which is great because today he's lost all his screen time privileges but at least he's got Poppy to keep him entertained).

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Let's find the happy, friends.