Tiny Happy Tuesday: 10

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  • Poppy is a verbal baby but she hasn't had any discernible (to people outside her immediate circle) words until this week. Poppy is officially, intentionally, clearly saying "ball" when she sees her ball. It is so cool. 
  • "Wish I Knew You" by The Revivalists. You guys, this song has been on repeat for days. 
  • It's BC Election Day! I didn't manage to vote in the advance polls so I'm heading out today to exercise my right to vote. If you're a BC local, I hope you are too. Not sure who to vote for? This tool can help you decide.
  • The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, and spring is in the air. It's a great day, even if it did start at 5 this morning because Poppy hates sleep.

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