Tiny Happy Tuesday: 11

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  • Shawn's birthday dinner last night went off without a hitch. I grew up in a family that makes a big deal out of birthdays and I love that my kids are going to be able to say the same. Birthdays are my jam. 
  • My brother-in-law has been making some pretty exciting life changes lately (not my story to tell but damn, the guy is mixing things up!) and I love that Grady and Poppy will be able to look to him as a role model when they're facing nerve-wracking-but-exciting opportunities.
  • My Internet village. This Tiny Happy deserves a post of its own but let me just say that my internet village has boosted me up, been a sounding board, given me information and answers, and provided immeasurable support more than ever recently. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to know so many amazing people.
  • My Real Life village. I know a lot of great people. I saw a bunch of them this weekend. I'm an introvert and I need my alone time but it's a pretty great feeling to be surrounded by thoughtful, hilarious, brilliant people too (as long as I get some alone time immediately after).
  • It's the May long weekend (almost)! Every May Shawn goes away on his annual boys' trip and I order a lot of pizza and stay in pyjamas all day and make morning pit stops at the ice cream shop. Solo parenting is a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun once we let go of our routines and expectations (of cleanliness). I'm ready for a weekend of filth and greasy, cheesy goodness.

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