Meal Plan 05/15/2017 - 05/19/2017

Tomorrow is Shawn's birthday so our meal plan this week consists of his favourite foods. (Festival of Shawn last all week.) (I'm an unabashed birthday lover. It's part of my charm.).

Monday: Birthday dinner! Barbecued steak served with Shawn's favourite potato salad and creamy cucumber salad. Shawn loves cheesecake but I don't want to make a full-sized cheesecake (and then, you know, eat a full-sized cheesecake all week) so I might try to make a pie-sized cheesecake or pick a different dessert. The man loves chocolate and peanut butter so I've got lots of options. Suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday: Pulled pork lettuce wraps. (I just realized I've never blogged my pulled pork recipe so I'll get on that this week.) We used to eat our pulled pork on soft dinner rolls but we both feel better (read: smug) when we eat lettuce wraps instead of delicious, pillowy baked goods. Served with a simple purple cabbage coleslaw. 

Wednesday: Grady has baseball so I need something quick, easy, and portable. I'm thinking I'll cook up a pot of barley or quinoa, roast some sweet potatoes, and build pulled pork dinner bowls with the leftovers from the night before. 

Thursday: Nachos topped with spicy chicken and served with fresh guacamole and a side of Responsibility Vegetables.

Friday: Shawn's not here for dinner so I'm thinking the kids and I will either have a patio picnic (goldfish crackers with yogurt and fruit) or we'll make homemade pizza.

What's on your menu this week?