Tiny Happy Tuesday: 5

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Yesterday was a very Monday Monday but amid my grumbling, I caught myself consciously trying to think of my tiny happies to write about today. The realization itself made me happy. I'm on week five of this little experiment and I like what I'm seeing so far.

  • Grady had his first baseball practice last night and holy pickles, I have never seen anything cuter than 20 five-year-olds running in a clump chasing after a ball. The field would be set, the batter would hit, and then everyone would break position to chase the ball and mayhem ensued. It was amazing.
  • I bought a bag of meyer lemons and have been drinking fancy water all week.
  • Spring weather! It's finally warming up enough to spend whole afternoons outside without freezing. The sun has made multiple appearances this week. I am drunk on warm(ish) breezes and vitamin D.
  • Shawn spent all of Sunday power washing the patio and cleaning the outdoor furniture and bringing the cushions up from storage. We are ready for patio good times.

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