Tiny Happy Tuesday: 8

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  • I played baseball on the weekend. Three games in two days. I am too sore to move today, and I feel about 90 years old, but I had so much fun. It feels good to run out some of the rust, you know? I played competitive fast-pitch for 15 years growing up, and it was nice to return to the ballpark (even if my abilities are somewhat limited compared to what they used to be).
  • Grady's lost most of his toddler-isms but he still asks me to "hotten up" his muffin instead of "warm up" and no one better correct him.
  • I'm feeling a bit stagnant these days but I'm living vicariously through girlfriends who are seriously killing it in their professional lives, their creative lives, and their family lives. I love seeing my friends excel and I'm lucky enough to have a hive of furiously smart, driven, creative geniuses.

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