Tiny Happy Tuesday: 6

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  • Our kitchen sink has been acting a bit wonky for weeks. Shawn dismantled, removed, cleaned, reassembled, and resealed the whole thing and now it's working perfectly. It's the little things, friends. (Probably he would say it's not such a little thing as this project took literal hours that spanned multiple days to complete.)
  • My cherry blossom tree has blossomed. I haven't written about my cherry blossom tree but it's important to me; part of me was worried it wouldn't survive the particularly harsh winter we just had.
  • My friend gave me a turkey. She was given a turkey and didn't need or want the turkey so she gave it to me. And now we get to enjoy a delicious, random, mid-week turkey dinner. (Hashtag: Thanksgiving feels.) (Hashtag: pumpkin spice for life.)
  • *whispers* My non-sleeping honey badger baby has started sleeping consistently from 9pm-2am. This is big news, people. I may have just jinxed it but I don't care. Let's celebrate.

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