Tiny Happy Tuesday: 1

Tiny Happy Tuesday is a prompt to consciously appreciate the small things that make you happy. I truly believe that acknowledging these tiny happy things make me a happier person in general, like I'm piling up pieces of gratitude to sustain me during tough times. And so, without further ado, please enjoy my first edition of Tiny Happy Tuesday:

  • The way Poppy wakes up overjoyed every morning. She often grumps her way through the majority of the day but she wakes up thrilled every morning.
  • Grady coming home with a Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser pledge form and being genuinely concerned about the sick kids.
  • Opening a fresh box of lavender chamomile tea.
  • Mike Birbiglia's latest Netflix special.
  • A pocket of sunshine and blue sky in between snow and rainstorms.

Want to play along? Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram your Tiny Happies and use the hashtag #TinyHappyTuesday so I can follow you. Find the happy, people. It's out there.