Meal Plan 03/06/2017 - 03/10/2017

It snowed again today. Not an insignificant amount, either. They're calling for more snow and icy temperatures this week. It's not common March weather for this corner of the world. We're all walking around dazed and half-frozen is what I'm saying. I planned this week's meals bundled up in front of the fireplace so my meal plan definitely has a "warm you up from the inside" vibe.

Monday: Wonton Stewp. Like wonton soup but more stew-like with the addition of white beans and loads of veg. My goal is to get Grady involved with making the wontons in the hopes that he'll be interested in eating the wontons. I like to dream big.

Tuesday: Easy Thai Satay Chicken (thanks, Emily!) served with steamed broccoli.

Wednesday: Lentil & Vegetable Cottage Pie

Thursday: Smorgasbord! (Fancy way of saying we're having leftovers.)

Friday: Appetizer Night! Chicken wings, loads of cut veggies, beer cheese dip, breadsticks made by Grady, fruit plate with peanut butter yogurt dip.

What's on your meal plan this week?