Tiny Happy Tuesday: 4

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I'm not having a very happy Tuesday. Sleep is an elusive memory right now. It's rainy and grey and we're all itching for some nice weather so we can fill our lungs and run out our beans. Poppy has officially been diagnosed with a peanut allergy and needs further testing. I'm feeling raw is what I'm saying. It's the perfect time to find some tiny happies.

  • Last night I got a lovely catchup email from my oldest friend. It was like she was here, updating me on her life over steaming cups of tea.
  • A gorgeous blue heron has visited us (well, the creek behind our house) a lot recently. Blue herons are one of my favourite birds so it feels like a little gift each time I see her.
  • I'm trying to perfect my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, which means I've been making (and eating!) a lot of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies lately.

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