Captain's Log: Operation Road Trip - Day Six

Shawn and Grady spent the day doing Disney again today so Poppy and I had a gal's day. We started the day brunching with the ladies (of the Internet - bloggers and Twitterers I've known and loved online for years) and then shopped and then met an old friend for lunch (puréed broccoli, so SoCal).

I met Kelly when I was a kid and we were on the same baseball team. We stayed friends (and played baseball) until life took us in different directions in our twenties and Facebook became our mode of communication. I was always a little in awe of her. She's beautiful in a way that looks effortless. She always carried herself with this cool confidence, like she literally did not care if you liked her or not. Take her or leave her, she wasn't bothered by it. It was an impressive character trait in a teenager, especially when I was so wracked with self-doubt and insecurity. It was so nice to reconnect and spend some time with someone who knew me so long ago. Seeing her with her baby was awesome and ridiculous. We used to get drunk and stupid together and now we have babies? What is this life?

The boys came back from the park exhausted but not too tired for a swim. We were the only ones in the pool and the moon shone brightly in the clear sky. It was an excellent way to end our time in Anaheim. In the morning we hit the road again.