Captain's Log: Operation Road Trip - Day Four

We woke up to rain this morning. Not a lot of rain (and we're certainly not complaining after seeing pictures of all the snow back home) but enough that I decided to skip Disneyland today. Grady and Shawn have three-day park hopper passes but our plan is that Poppy and I will join them for only one day. I'm excited about experiencing Disneyland with Grady but I also wanted to let Shawn do his own thing (he and his dad did a Disney trip when he was about Grady's age and it's a special memory for him). And, to be completely honest, a quiet hotel room with my best gal is extremely appealing.  

The rain changed our plans but didn't dampen our spirits. It's easy to get caught up in our expectations but the reality is that Grady is five. He's impressed by everything (in fact, we went for a walk today and he told me the palm trees looked "quite impressive in the morning light." Oookay, kid.). As we drove the last leg of our trip last night, we told Grady he had to look for Disneyland. It was dark so he couldn't colour, he'd watched all the Rescue Bots episodes I'd downloaded for him, and we needed to keep him occupied. He diligently watched out the window and when he saw what he thought was Disneyland, he was so excited. "I see it! I see Disneyland! It's AMAZING! Disneyland is so cool," he exclaimed. As we drove by an outlet mall. Moral of the story: a little rain doesn't change the fact that Disneyland is the coolest thing Grady has ever seen. 

Grady and Shawn had a great day and lasted much longer than I expected they would. The rain is supposed to ease up tomorrow so Poppy and I will join them for a day of fun. And there's no driving planned until Thursday so the Captain's Log is suddenly less desperate.