Captain's Log: Operation Road Trip - Day One

This morning we woke up to snow. There wasn't much on the ground but it was coming down quickly. We've been planning our road trip for a while but unavoidable faffery meant we didn't hit the road as early as we'd hoped.

There was barely a lineup at the border. The only snafu we hit was when I declared my apples (the sign says to declare fruit! I am a rule follower!) and they were confiscated because I had removed the stickers. Fun fact: you can take apples from BC or from the USA across the border as long as they have their stickers on them. (But then how do you wash them for transport? It's all very stressful. Next time: no apples.)

The kids were great travelers until the last hour. Then Poppy decided to cut two new teeth and tell us all about how much it sucked for her. We managed to do 530km and arrived at the beach, tired and hungry. Tomorrow we have 800km on our schedule! We're crazy and/or stupid. 

The highlight of the trip so far was seeing Grady's mind be blown when I folded down his wall bed. Simple pleasures.


 (Don't ty to rob my house while we're gone, okay? My father-in-law and the world's sweetest-but-dumbest dog are there.)