Tiny Happy Tuesday: 21

Yesterday I had a terrible day. The kind of day where everything goes so pear-shaped that it's actually kind of comical. Today was shaping up to be similarly frustrating until my parents swooped in to save the day. I want to dedicate this Tiny Happy Tuesday to them.

What is Tiny Happy Tuesday?

Tiny Happy Tuesday is a prompt to stop, drop, and think of all the good stuff (no matter how minuscule) that adds up to one wonderful life. 

  • Poppy came down with a high fever while at daycare. I got the call just a few short hours after I arrived at work. Shawn's out of town and I really couldn't miss work today. My parents dropped everything to take my poor Pops home and take care of her all day.
  • While taking care of my sick baby, they also cleaned my kitchen and made me homemade lasagne for dinner. 
  • Throughout the day they texted me pictures of Poppy and Grady playing, reading, and having a great time. I was able to focus on work without worrying about my babies or my parents. 
  • They're coming back to help tomorrow! You guys. My parents are amazing. Sometimes life feels chaotic and unmanageable but it's never completely overwhelming because I know I can always call in the big guns. 

What's making you happy this week? Want to join me? I'd love for you to grab my graphic and join the Facebook group, and share in the fun (don't forget to use the hashtag: #TinyHappyTuesday so I can follow along!).