Reclaiming Date Night with HelloFresh

I've told you how convenient I find HelloFresh, and how it's made weeknight dinners less stressful and angsty. It's great for busy people, it makes mealtimes less complicated, HelloFresh is a kitchen hero. But it's a bit of a date night hero too. 

Shawn and I don't get out much. We're in that season of life where tiny humans demand a lot of time and focus, and we've got our own things going on at the same time. When we do manage to get out of the house together, without kids, we're usually seeing friends (to, you know, try to hold on to the last shred of our social life). 

HelloFresh is great for creating an at-home date night, no babysitter required.

I suspect it's because all the prep work is done for us, but for some reason, HelloFresh meals feel more luxurious than what we normally cook (even though the ingredients and techniques aren't exotic or even particularly fancy). Last week we plonked the kids in front of a movie and together we prepared Ginger Beef Noodles with Carrots and Bok Choy.


The recipes are simple to follow, and because the ingredients in HelloFresh boxes are all pre-measured, it's easy to relax and cook casually, instead of being anxious about your partner's (lack of) chopping speed or trying to find the mothercussin' measuring cup (spoiler alert: it's sitting in the sink, dirty. Always. I'm convinced it is never clean.)

Our meal tasted like restaurant-quality, albeit more nutritious because we were able to control the salt content, and was more convenient than takeout because no one had to put on pants to answer the door. We didn't have to worry about finding childcare, we didn't bicker over who was going to be the designated driver, and we got to tuck the kids in and kiss them goodnight before continuing our date with cocktails and Netflix. Date night in flannel pyjamas. I highly recommend it. 

Yes, I miss the fun of dressing up and wearing shoes that are too high and lipstick that is too red. I miss grabbing a drink in the lounge and perusing a menu and eating food that isn't prepared by me. I'm not saying HelloFresh replaces the fun of a good night out. I'm saying it's a great alternative when real life is a bit limiting. I don't have the ability to go on fabulous dates with my husband every weekend but I do crave the connection that comes from intentionally focusing some time and energy on the person I love. HelloFresh gives me the opportunity to nurture that connection without feeling like I'm adding one more thing on top of everything else I'm trying to do. 

{Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review; all opinions stated are my own.}