Keep Kids Safe with Lil Worker Safety Gear

I heard about Lil Worker Safety Gear through the local parent grapevine. Started by a local arborist and dad of three little ones, Lil Worker Safety Gear makes high visibility gear for kids. 

Safety is my number one priority and if I could, I'd encase both my babies in bubbles with neon flashing lights and 24/7 security guards whenever we left the house. (I'm a peach to be married to. Just ask Shawn.) Little kids are unpredictable. Taking Grady and Poppy for walks is not relaxing. Grady is old enough that he won't run off but Poppy can't be trusted. And just because Grady is old enough to have a modicum of common sense, that doesn't mean he's always visible to drivers. 


James from Lil Worker sent us Safety Fleece Jackets to try and Grady's first comment when I showed him was "it's just like a construction worker!" He's totally right. They look like miniature work site high-viz jackets, not costume-like or twee. These aren't dress-up clothes, they're high-quality, well-made, garments featuring professional grade 3M Scotchlite reflective strips. 

Keep your kids SAFE! The first high-visibility sweater for kids designed to comply with the high standards of workplace safety organizations.

Keeps kids WARM! Ultra snuggly, grandparent-approved 100% poly-brushed 270GSM Polar Fleece. Huggability guaranteed.

High-contrasting colours and 3M Scotchlite reflective strips enhance visibility during early morning and late afternoon play. (Seriously, your child may even be visible from space with this thing.)

Industrial grade YKK zipper that no mortal child can destroy.

Super tough, machine washable fabrics are designed to withstand the rigours of playtime.

Available in three high viz, high contrast colours and sizes from 18m to kids’ size 7.

Other benefits of this high visibility fleece sweater for kids:

Greatly reduces parental stress and worry – you may even start holding hands with your partner again! (Seriously, how long has it been?)

Significantly reduces down time searching for missing children.

There's an almost five-year age gap between Grady and Poppy, which means when we're at the playground, they're interested in different things. The Safety Fleeces mean I can keep my eyes on Poppy and let Grady have a little more freedom because he's so visible. I don't spend time searching through the sea of kids to find him, I glance up and my eyes are drawn straight to the neon yellow. He gets a bit more independence and I feel confident I can locate him quickly (and I can keep track of Miss Independence whose main goal in life seems to be to lose me in public). 


Lil Worker Safety Gear is going to be on Dragon's Den October 12th on CBC and I can't wait to see the presentation and results. I have a soft spot for small, parent-run businesses so I've got my fingers crossed for James and his crew. 

If you've got little people in your life, check out Lil Worker Safety Gear. You won't regret it. I'm adding the rain jackets to the kids' Christmas wish lists because I'm so pleased with the quality and durability of the fleece jackets. If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with the products, you can't beat Lil Worker's return policy:

Just like growing up, shopping for kids can be tough work.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order for any reason, please email me at and I’ll make sure you’re happy. Period. Full stop.

No messing around, no pain, no fussing, no crying, no haggling, no arguing. I promise I’ll just make sure you’re happy. That sounds like a good return policy to me.

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{Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review; all opinions stated are my own.}