A Small List of Good Things

This week feels heavy, and the stormy weather we're having is doing nothing to lift my spirits. A small list of good things is the perfect remedy to my grump.  

  1. The Good Place on Netflix. You guys, if you have not watched this yet, get on it. Shawn and I never agree on shows to watch but we both loved this. The episodes are only 22 minutes long, and there's only 13, so it's an easy series to devour. I literally laughed out loud multiple times while watching this show.
  2. Concrete and Gold by the Foo Fighters. One day these guys are bound to disappoint me but today is not that day. This album has been on repeat in my house for weeks.
  3. The Dirty John podcast. Do you love true crime? The Dirty John podcast is an easy listen (I think it's six episodes long and they're all under an hour). It's engaging and not too gruesome.  

What's on your list of good things this week?