How to Go Nut-Free

Grady's school is nut-free.

Now, before I fret about how difficult this is making Grady's lunch situation, let me say that in no way do I think that my child's fussy eating habits trump your child's allergies. I support the school's nut-free position. I am happy and willing to accommodate the nut-free policy. I want to do my part to keep your babies safe.

Okay? Okay.

Here's my problem: Grady does not eat a lot of protein. He dislikes most meat. He won't eat eggs. He'll accept cheese but large quantities of cheese present a different problem (hashtag: poop doula for life). He likes kid yogurt (lots of sugar, not a lot of protein).

How do you get your peanut-butter-sandwich-loving kid to eat something else for lunch?

For those of you living with peanut allergies, can you answer another question for me? If I give Grady a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast before school, can this still harm your child? Or would that be an extreme allergy? Do schools alert other parents if there's a child with severe allergies in their class? (Can you tell my family has absolutely no experience with nut allergies?)