Grady's First Day of School

Today was Grady's first day of kindergarten. I was expecting to feel weepier than I did, but maybe because it was all over so quickly (the kindergarten class was half an hour long today,) we didn't have enough time to feel our feelings.


The good news is that Grady's experience was similar to mine. Rushed, a bit overwhelming, and then over before any tears started. I'm calling it a win. (Side note: spending half an hour inside a kindergarten classroom today made me realize that elementary school teachers are a rare breed and deserve our eternal admiration and gratitude. My goodness.)

Tomorrow will be the true test. The kindergarten kids are meeting their teacher at the school entrance and will attend class for a full hour with no parents. I'm hoping we make it through drop-off without any tears because once he starts, I know I'll follow. I just keep telling myself that the kindergarten teachers know what they're doing and I'm sure they're anticipating tears and feelings and trepidation. And I'm sure they're expecting to have to deal with the kids too.

Posing like Iron Man because: Grady.  

Posing like Iron Man because: Grady.