Meal Plan 09/26/2016 - 09/30/2016

Grady came home with his first kindergarten cold last week, which Poppy and I promptly caught from him. Everything fell apart last week is what I'm saying, including our meal plan. I'm recycling some of last week's meal plan this week (because I did my big grocery shop and just froze the meat I knew I wouldn't use when the first sniffle hit). We're on the mend this week and still focusing on introducing different (but not too different) foods to Grady to try to expand his list of acceptable foods.

Monday: Pull-apart cheeseburger sliders served with green salad.

Tuesday: Oven-roasted chicken shawarma with garlic sauce. Served with Greek salad and Turkish bread. This has been on my meal plan a lot recently but whenever I go to the butcher, they're completely out of chicken thighs. I tried making it with chicken breast but I found the meat dry and leathery. The inside scoop is that chicken thighs arrive on Tuesday so my plan is to change my big weekly shop from Monday to Tuesday so I can finally satisfy my craving. (I realize I could buy chicken thighs from the grocery store but my butcher is so good, you guys, and costs about the same as the grocery store).

Wednesday: Sausage egg roll in a bowl made with ground turkey instead of sausage with steamed broccoli and garlicky green beans on the side.

Thursday: BLT sandwiches with avocado if I can find a good one (tangent: why are avocados made of disappointment lately?) Served with broccoli slaw and roasted sweet potatoes.

Friday: Leftovers / homemade pizza / scrambled eggs / whatever I give up.

What's on your meal plan this week?