Shawn had to go to Dallas for work (or FUCKING DALLAS as its known around our house now) this week, which was also the week when Grady started attending full days of kindergarten (aka the week of Big! Emotions! and Many! Meltdowns!). As luck would have it, it was also the week when I injured my shoulder. Do you know what you can do with an injured shoulder? Not a whole lot, it turns out.

My parents dropped everything and came to my rescue. They rocked Pops and hung out with Grady. They did dishes and brought plum cake (my love language) and folded laundry. They did the school run and bath time and changed diapers and to top it all off, took me out for lunch where I had what is quite possibly the best burger I have ever eaten (Romer's Burger Bar's Man's Man, if you're curious).

I am ridiculously lucky is what I'm saying. My parents would (and do!) do anything for their kids and grandkids. I hope one day Grady and Poppy feel the same way about me and Shawn.