And So it Begins

Grady starts kindergarten next week which means this is my first "back to school" season as a parent instead of a student.  

Can I just take a minute here to worship my mama? I'm one of four kids, two of which (two of whom? Grammar police, what say you?) have birthdays in the first week of September (the same week we start school here in BC). My mom did back-to-school shopping and birthday prepping and rocked it all...before online shopping was even a thing. I am in awe is what I'm saying. 

Anyway. Back to my circus and my monkeys. We were given a list of school supplies Grady needs and months to collect them all. The newborn stage made those months disappear (the worst kind of magic) so here we are, less than a week away from the first day of school, and we're just starting our shopping. To make things even more fun, Poppy has decided that sleep is for the weak and has been waking up every hour like she's a newborn. We're holding on by a thread. 

Are you scrambling to get organized this week? Or do you have your school supplies purchased and labelled weeks in advance?