Meal Plan 08/15/2016 - 08/19/2016

The craziness of late summer has taken over and we've spent the last few weeks soaking up the sun and going on adventures and trying to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of our days. The food we've been eating (and the dollars we've been spending on the food we've been eating!) has been slowly and steadily creeping away from "intentional" and into the free-for-all category. Time to get back on track!

Monday: something with tofu and vegetables (and complaints from Shawn) for Meatless Monday.

Tuesday: Smitten Kitchen's Nancy's Chopped Salad.

Wednesday: Barbecued cheese burgers with green salad.

Thursday: Mom's Mac & Cheese served with green juice.

Friday: Homemade pizza.

What are you eating this week?