Meal Plan 07/11/2016 - 07/15/2016

Blogging has sort of moved to the back burner as we learn how to juggle a high-maintenance newborn and a world-has-just-been-turned-upside-down preschooler. But! I miss it. Instagram has stepped up as a space for me to dump my thoughts, quickly and painlessly, but I miss blogging blogging. So! Attempting to get back in the groove with an easy post. A meal plan post.

Monday: turkey tacos with roasted sweet potatoes and guacamole.

Tuesday: my vegetarian-apart-from-bacon-and-the-occasional-burger-or-hotdog child has agreed to try chicken so I'm starting him off slow and easy with panko chicken nuggets. Grady will have his with fresh veggies and the adults will have theirs on green salad with avocado and hardboiled eggs.

Wednesday: Shawn has a doubleheader so we need something light and easy, especially since he's playing at the ball field with the good concession stand. Oven-baked salmon and sautéed zucchini will be sufficient to assuage any guilt I feel over the french fries and ice cream chaser.

Thursday: Grilled flank steak with either spinach salad or grilled veggies depending on the green grocer situation.

Friday: Brinner! Leftover flank steak, fried eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms. And waffles with fresh, local berries (hashtag: yolo).

What's on your meal plan this week?