Mother's Day

I've seen a lot of talk about Mother's Day floating around my social networks this week and it's piqued my interest. First things first: let's acknowledge there's no right or wrong way to celebrate Mother's Day. Whether you fall under the "take the kids away, this is MY DAY" or the "Family! Time! Forever!" category, you'll find no judgment here. You do you, love bug. Also? I realize that Mother's Day is actually really fucking difficult for a lot of people, for various reasons, and I don't mean to diminish anyone's struggles by talking about what is really a pretty fluffy aspect of the day. I'm just stuck in waiting-for-labour limbo and there's not been a lot of sleep lately so my brain is too tired for real thinking.

Right! So. Obviously everyone has their own preferences for how they spend Mother's Day. And it's somewhat complicated by circumstances (you may want to spend Mother's Day with your own mother but she lives on the other side of the country so it's not possible) and relationships (maybe you don't have the best relationship with your mother or mother-in-law but you want to honour their relationship with your kids) or family situation (maybe you are a single parent and you either have or don't have your kids with you that day), etc. And this doesn't even touch on people who want to spend the day a certain way but can't because their mother is gone or because they've struggled to become a mother. Mother's Day is complicated is what I'm saying (which is why we should all maybe work on being a little more gentle with each other instead of playing into the whole "Mommy Wars" side of things. You guys, I watched a video that was all "Dear Husband: this is what I really want for Mother's Day" and what she wanted was to be left the eff alone. Which is fine [please see above - you do you]. But then another mom left a comment along the lines of "well that's fine for you but I actually love my kids so I want to spend Mother's Day with them." Gross.).

Anyway. That was just a really longwinded way of saying: How are you planning to spend Mother's Day? Do you make compromises? Do you spend it with family? Or alone? How would you spend the day if it was 100% up to you?

We're keeping things pretty low key. I told Shawn I don't want to do anything except go for coffee at my favourite coffee shop with him and Grady. Later in the day we'll meet up with Shawn's brother and Mom and do dinner. I'll see my Mom next week, I think, because she was exposed to a stomach virus yesterday and I'm being a crazy person until I'm comfortable a sufficient incubation period has passed with no symptoms.