What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

Right! ::clap clap clap:: If you're like me, packing a hospital bag is torture because you don't want to forget anything but you also don't want to haul around a 40lb suitcase. I have been procrastinating packing because I end up in this bizarre spiral of "what ifs" and soon my list of items to pack becomes pages long. It's ridiculous. So! In an attempt to encourage Lady Baby to get a move on, today I stopped thinking and started packing.

I loved the suggestions I received (thank you!). I would never have thought to bring an extension cord but you better believe I had Shawn dig one out so I'm not without my phone in the middle of the night. I actually ended up packing two bags - my labour bag and my post-birth bag. We'll bring the labour bag into the hospital when we arrive and leave the post-birth bag in the car. Shawn can swap them after Lady Baby is born and we're settled in our room.

What I packed in my Labour Bag:

Giant box of Purdy's chocolates with my Birth Preferences taped to it.

Disposable slippers. Not actually disposable because that doesn't sound comfortable at all (I'm picturing the paper booties that mattress deliverymen wear). I found some fluffy booties with rubber grippers on the soles in the clearance bin at the drug store. They're hideous and so comfortable and cost $3.99. Disposable slippers. These are key if you don't want your feet to touch the hospital floor (hashtag: I hate germs) or bring home slippers that touch the hospital floor.

Fluffy socks. My feet are either freezing cold or boiling hot. Fluffy socks are a total comfort item for me. I splurged on a new pair for optimal fluffiness (and by splurged I mean I bought the clearance pink/purple striped pair for $3).

Bottled water. My hospital provides shitty little styrofoam cups for water and I just feel like if I'm pushing a tiny human out of my body, I should have as much water as I want. I lost my nice water bottle the last time I was in the hospital so this time I swallowed my hippie tendencies and bought bottled water. I wanted large bottles (1L) but also wanted narrow bottles so I could grip them. I spent a stupid amount of time in the bottled water section at the grocery store, test driving each bottle, is what I'm saying. I ended up buying Happy Water because the bottle size is perfect and it's called Happy Water.

Towel and facecloth. The hospital linens are depressing. I'm bringing my own so I'm not trying to dry myself off with a tiny piece of rough cloth if I spend a lot of time in the shower like I did last time.

Phone charger, extension cord, earphones, and sleep mask. I want to be able to plug into my music and cover my eyes and block out the hospital.

Ziplock baggies holding:
 -change for the vending machines
- extra hair ties, a headband, my favourite lip balm, hand lotion
- mints and fruit Life Savers

The special Prince edition People magazine.

Snacks! Clif bars, chocolate-covered almonds, and beef jerky (for Shawn). Also, peppermint gum because when I was in labour with Grady I remember hating the smell of food.

What I packed in my Post-Birth Bag:

My own pillow in a nice pillowcase. Hospital pillows are soul-crushing. Also, it's nice to have a bit of colour in your pillowcase when there are bound to be pictures taken of you (unless you're planning to apply a full face of makeup, chances are you're going to look a bit washed out and tired and you don't need the depressing hospital-green pillowcase making you look even more grey).

Toiletries including (please indulge me this shoutout. These aren't affiliate links but I love the products and the companies so I want to spread the love): Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray, Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter, and Bamboobies Nursing Pads all packed in my PumpEase Wet Bag.

Diapers and wipes because my hospital is stingy.

Cute little sleepers, hats, and baby blankets for Lady Baby. Comfy pants, loose t-shirts, a nursing bra, my robe, and giant underpants for me.

My medications. It seems a bit weird to bring drugs to the hospital but in my experience, it's much less hassle to just bring exactly what I need with me rather than try to get them from the hospital.

What I need to grab on my way out the door:

My phone. Flip flops (I'm just going to wear them rather than pack them). Chilled Orange Powerade because I don't have it together enough to make Labor-Aid.

Obviously this list isn't perfect for everyone but it works for us. I'm hoping to not spend a lot of time in the hospital so I'm not bringing a lot of clothes. I'm not fussed about looking human in any post-birth photos so I'm not bringing makeup. I don't want to be bothered with keeping track of my good camera so we'll rely on iPhones in the hospital and break out the big guns once we're all home.

So, Lady Baby, we're ready for you. No pressure.