Kiwi Green Juice

Kiwi fruit is a bit of a pregnancy powerhouse but it can be a tough one for people with texture issues (*raises hand*). The promise of reduced leg cramps, increased soluble and insoluble fibre intake to help with the oh-so-glamorous digestive issues pregnancy can bring (has brought, whatever, we're all friends here), and the (possibly far fetched?) hope that kiwi might help raise my calcium deficient levels had me stocking up last week. And then they sat in the fruit bowl while I attempted to muster the motivation to eat the slimy-yet-mealy little beasts. 

My solution? Green juice! I like the flavour of kiwi, just not the mouthfeel, so I figured juicing would help. And it did. This juice is tart without making your tongue pucker. The spinach provides a boost of nonheme iron which the vitamin C in the kiwi and citrus helps your body absorb.


3 large handfuls (approximately 4 cups) spinach
1 small bunch mint
1 grapefruit, peeled
1 lime, peeled
1 large kiwi, peeled or unpeeled
4-6 inches cucumber


Feed ingredients through juicer. Your juicer may have suggested guidelines for the order in which you juice. For my masticating juicer, I like to do my leafy greens first followed by citrus, soft fruits and veg, ending with my hardest fruit or vegetable (usually apples or carrots).

Serves 2.

Kiwi Green Juice || Hillary with 2Ls