On October 25th, local mama, Florence Leung, went missing. Florence has a two-month old son and, according to her family, is suffering from postpartum depression. Since her disappearance, she has been seen on surveillance video buying a snack on the day she disappeared, and her car was found in Stanley Park. No other trace of her has been found.

The community has rallied around her family. People are still searching, hoping, and praying that Florence will return home safely. If you're in the Vancouver area, tonight there will be a group of supporters showing their love and positive energy at Ceperley Playground near Second Beach in Stanley Park. If you're not able to make it in person, will you spare some good thoughts and light a candle at 6:30pm(PST) to show love and hope for a struggling mama?


If you are struggling, please speak to someone you trust. If you're a BC mom, the Pacific Post Partum Support Society is a great place to start. Another great resource is Postpartum Progress. And a good number to have, even if you're not struggling (because you never know when you'll encounter someone who is,) is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. Everyone deserves to get the help they need. You are not alone. Depression lies.