Project: Hillary the Cyclist - August

This time next week I will (hopefully) be finished my Ride to Conquer Cancer. To say that I am overwhelmed and excited and terrified would be an understatement.

I think I'm ready? I say that with a question mark because I really have no idea. This is the first big bicycle ride I've ever trained for and my training definitely went off-course earlier this year. I've spent the summer getting ready, though, and even though I didn't devote every waking moment to my ride, I've put in what I could and I'm happy. With the help of my amazing family and friends and coworkers and blog readers, I raised over $3,000 for cancer research. I've gone on some great rides and become very familiar with my bike (I shift gears like a mothercussin' PRO now. You don't even know.)

Next weekend's ride will be challenging (I still hate riding in traffic) but I'm ready. A big part of why I wanted to do this ride was to finally feel strong and capable again. I know this ride is going to kick my ass but it's already made me feel stronger. Stronger and petrified. 


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