The People Have Spoken

Before we talk about how the majority agrees with how right I am, can I just take a minute to clarify that yesterday's poll was just a bit of lighthearted fun? Shawn and I are not perfect people and we don't have a perfect marriage but yesterday's post was not an indicator of deep rooted armpit cloth problems. We cool? Cool.   

I have a confession to make. I am the dirty armpit cloth bandit. I use washcloths, I wring them out, and I leave them to dry on the towel rack. When they're dry, I throw them in the laundry hamper. I don't know what kind of voodoo witchcraft you're practicing that you can throw wet washcloths in the hamper and not have stinky, mouldy clothes but I cannot do it. I do a load of towels at least twice per week so even if I used a washcloth every day (I don't) and even if I left them to pile up on the towel rack (I don't) the most we'd have is three or four dirty washcloths. Not a huge deal. 

It had not even crossed my mind that Shawn would consider reusing someone else's dirty washcloth. It is so beyond my concept of normal behaviour (even if I only use a washcloth on my face, I'm still wiping sweat / makeup / grease / germs off my face and then you would be wiping my sweat / makeup / grease / germs onto your face) that I didn't even know it was an issue. Of course I can see why he would be upset. He's been wiping my armpits on his face for who knows how long. (Also? I did not mention this to him but my armpits are not the grossest thing that touch our washcloths. Sometimes Grady uses washcloths for cleaning his bits. This is why our towels are done separately from the rest of our laundry. I wash them in the hottest water with the strong soap.) 

Anyway. I understand why he's upset. And I think it's ridiculous that he reuses other people's dirty washcloths. Live a little, Shawn. Life is too short to use dirty washcloths.  

(From now on I'm going to hang my dirty washcloths over the shower to dry instead of the towel rack and Shawn is going to think of every dirty washcloth as an armpit cloth. Life goes on.)