Marital Discord

Listen. I know the land of the interwebs is not the place to air dirty laundry but stick with me. We need your help. Shawn and I have an ongoing spat and only one of us can be right.

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, you need a washcloth to wash your face. You notice a used washcloth hanging up in the bathroom. You don't know who used it but you know it was a family member. You don't know what it was used for, you just know that it was used by someone other than yourself. Do you use the used washcloth? Or do you get a new washcloth from the cupboard?

The used washcloth was used for armpits, okay? It was used for armpits and then it was hung up on the towel rack to dry before throwing it into the laundry basket. The person who used it and then hung it up to dry had no idea that other people would even entertain the thought of using a used washcloth. There was no malicious intent. But the person who washed their face with an armpit cloth is understandably upset.

My question is this: does the person who hung up the armpit cloth have a responsibility to make sure everyone in the household knows the used cloth is a used armpit cloth, or should everyone in the household just use a new washcloth instead of trying to cut down on laundry?

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