In puppy training, one of the first and most important things they tell you is: don't repeat yourself. Give your command once. Don't say something over and over and become background noise that your puppy learns to tune out.  

Lately, more than ever, Grady is like an excitable puppy. He bounces from one spot to the next with no focus or attention to anything around him. I find myself saying the same phrases over and over, to the point where I tune myself out. "Watch where you're going!" "Eyes up!" "Please be careful!" Lather, rinse, repeat.  

This morning I was packing Grady's lunch while he buzzed around the kitchen. He walked full speed into the drawer I had open. Face first. Right into the corner of the drawer. He was so excited to show me the piece of Lego he'd been working on that nothing existed outside of it - his entire focus was on getting to me to show me the Lego.  

He had a good cry in my lap (and I'm pretty sure he'll be rocking a black eye when I pick him up tonight) and after he calmed down I told him that next time he needs to be more aware of where he's walking. "Next time you should protect me," he replied. I'm trying, buds. I'm trying.