The First Rule of Fight Club

You guys. I am loving the fight style poll results. Mainly because my fight style is the clear winner, Shawn. (Just kidding.) (Sort of.)


We saw Trainwreck last night (which I highly recommend. It was fluff, obviously, but highly entertaining, laugh-out-loud fluff.) I didn't have any deep revelations after watching a Judd-freaking-Apatow movie but I did relate to some of the not-so-attractive qualities of Amy Schumer's character (her fighting qualities, not her inability to have a monogamous relationship qualities. Just to be clear.). It got me thinking about how we all have our own style of fighting and resolving issues and more importantly, it made wonder if our style is set in stone? Is how we fight something that can evolve like our tastebuds or is it as unchangeable as the colour of our eyes?

This is why I don't like movies, by the way. I can't even watch a Judd Apatow comedy without over-thinking and feeling some feels (I totally cried during Trainwreck but in my defense, so did Amy Schumer.).