What's Your Fight Style?

Earlier this week Shawn and I had words. It wasn't a big argument, and definitely wasn't about a significant topic, it was just one of those marital spats where feelings got hurt, feelings got dismissed, and we went to bed angry. (Side note: I'm not a fan of the "don't go to bed angry!" sentiment. That's cool if it works for you but it's not my jam.)

The next morning, one of us woke up completely over it and one of us woke up feeling like a brief summary was necessary for resolution. Not to rehash the entire argument but to quickly go over why the argument happened. I'm not saying one of us fights more right than the other (who am I kidding, that's exactly what I'm saying.) I just think it's interesting that we fight, and resolve fights, so differently.

So! Help a crazy lady out! Tell me how you fight, or rather, how you come out of a fight. (To clarify: I'm talking about bickery level stuff, on the fluffier end of the fight spectrum.)

If you go to bed angry, do you wake up completely over it or do you need to talk it through to feel like the issue has been resolved?
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