Project: Hillary the Cyclist - July

I signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer last summer. I managed to log a few kilometers last autumn when we had an unseasonably dry September / October and then I hung up my bike for the rainy season.

I did not do any physical training for my ride in November or December. I fundraised my butt off but I did not physical train.

And then January hit. January was a surprise pregnancy and the news that the pregnancy wasn't viable. February was two surgeries to resolve the unviable pregnancy. March and April were recovery. I didn't get back on my bike until May. (I did work out during this time, and I definitely built up some muscle and endurance. I just didn't log any saddle time.)

My plan was to ride all spring, to log kilometers in the saddle to make sure my body was used to spending hours on a bike and my mind was used to riding in traffic. I was really down on myself for not pushing myself to be ready sooner than May but the fact of the matter is I wasn't ready. Physically or emotionally.

The good news is that I'm back on my bike and I'm loving it. I've managed to log a few good long rides and my comfort level is building. I have a lot of work to do between now and August 29th but I'm surrounded by supportive, motivating people who have boosted my confidence and told me repeatedly that I can do it. I can ride 200+km over two days (please picture my steely gaze as you read this).

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