FRESH: 2015 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Celebration

Vancouver Mom's annual celebration of local mom bloggers is taking place June 17th at Nicole Bridger's flagship location in Gastown. You can get your ticket here.

I love that Vancouver Mom recognizes a group of local bloggers every year (and not just because I was one of the 2012 Top 30!). It's a great way to find other bloggers and local content. I've made blogging connections through Vancouver Mom's Top 30 but more importantly, I've formed friendships too. The support and enthusiasm I've received has been a huge motivator to keep going with my little corner of the internet (*whispers* and I've never actually been to a Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers party. Not even the year I was nominated. I've either been sick or Grady has been sick every single year. But not this year! *knocks on wood* This year I'm lucky enough to be a blog ambassador thanks to Happy Baby Cheeks and I'm healthy and fingers crossed Grady stays healthy. I'm ready for a party is what I'm saying.)

If you're a blogger, or you think you might like to become a blogger, or if you have no desire to blog at all but love hanging out with interesting women, I suggest you grab a ticket for FRESH before the event sells out (it happens! Don't delay or you may be disappointed!).

These generous sponsors have made FRESH possible:
Nicole Bridger
Happy Baby Cheeks
Nita Lake Lodge
Float House 

Will I see you on June 17th?