Frozen Watermelon Gin Lemonade

BC is having a bit of a heat wave and staying hydrated is important. Don't even try to tell me that gin doesn't count. I'm hot. Gin is cold. It's science.

If you don't love gin, or really want to taste your other flavours, use vodka or white rum instead. The amounts below made two very large drinks; alter for the size of your blender, the size of your glasses, the number of people you're serving, or your own personal taste (we like ours quite minty).

1 - 2 cups frozen watermelon cubes (you can use fresh watermelon + ice cubes if you don't have time to freeze your watermelon but you'll end up with a diluted watermelon flavour)

1 small handful fresh mint leaves

1 cup lemonade

2 - 4oz gin (I'm not going to tell you how to live your life)

Blend together until smooth. Enjoy!