Said to Me by My Almost-Four-Year Old

As I got out of the shower: "Why you got all that butt?"

As I skewered meat and veg for shish kebabs: "Those chiska bops smell good!"

As I put him to bed: "I think when we kiss each other it's yucky."

As he tried to convince me he needed another cupcake: "I'm not hungry for healthy food, I'm hungry for chocolate icing." (I feel ya, buds.)

As we ate breakfast: "Hot milk and cold milk and chocolate milk are different milks!" 

As he tried to stall bedtime: "Why can my arms move? Because skeleton!" 

Mothering Grady is a wild ride; sometimes I grit my teeth and count the seconds to bedtime and take deep breaths and raid my secret chocolate stash. And sometimes I laugh so hard I can't breathe and hug so hard I can't breathe and love so hard I can't breathe. My almost-four-year-old is amazing and frustrating and brilliant and sensitive and maddening and mine. I'm so lucky.