Top Three Gins

In honour of World Gin Day, I wanted to write a post celebrating my favourite libation. I've tried a few different gins in my time and three stand out as my tried and true. So! Here they are, in no particular order (because I can't pick a favourite):

Okanagan Spirits Gin

I am new to Okanagan Spirits. I was lucky enough to tour their facilities (both in Vernon and Kelowna!) and enjoy a Prohibition Party as part of ROAM. We kicked off the evening with a round of French 75s (aka one of my favourite cocktails) and I was hooked. I find this gin to be on the lighter side of the gin spectrum so if you aren't a fan of gin that punches you in the face with its gin-ness, this would be a good one for you to try. Plus it's made with a fruit-based alcohol (with 100% BC fruit!) so it's gluten-free.

Victoria Gin

I was introduced to this gin a year ago and it quickly became my go-to gin. It's intensely flavoured but so smooth. It's not lost in a cocktail the way a milder gin might be. Even in a Bramble I can still taste the distinctive Victoria Gin botanicals. Also gluten-free. (Seriously, I am SO GLAD that I have gluten-free options just in case my body decides to rebel against gluten. I was tested for celiac disease earlier this year and I was all "but what about the gin?" All my worrying was for naught!)

St. George Spirits Botanivore Gin

My oldest friend brought me a taster pack of St. George Gin (three bottles of gin in one box! Heavenly.) and the Botanivore was my favourite by far. It's complex (19 different botanicals!) but still manages to be light and refreshing. This is my favourite G&T gin. Lots of ice, a little lime, and I'm a happy gal. I've been told that lemon is better to pair with gin because it enhances the botanicals better than lime but I'm a diehard lime fan. What do you use to garnish your G&T?