ROAM 2015

BlissDom Canada has always been on my wish list of conferences to attend but cross-country travel hasn’t been high on my list of priorities in the last few years (to put it mildly). I was so excited to learn that the producers of BlissDom are bringing ROAM, a revolutionary conference event, to British Columbia. ROAM will take place May 31 – June 2 in Kelowna.

ROAM Event

What interests me most about ROAM is the participation factor. The goal isn’t to have a lineup of experts talk at an audience; ROAM attendees will be immersed in social modules to learn hands-on social media tips and tricks to expand their blog and/or business. It’s a different and exciting approach to the traditional conference.  Personally, I don’t learn as well from reading or listening as I do from actually doing so the active learning aspect is a huge draw for me.

Will you join me in the beautiful Kelowna sunshine? Use this link and discount code ROAMer for 20% off your ticket (early bird pricing ends May 15th so get on it!)