I have two super awesome jobs.

One I do in an office three days per week. I wear grownup clothes. I have my own office with a computer and phone that are touched by only me. I drink hot beverages while they're still hot, and when I finish there are no rogue drowned Lego men at the bottom of my mug. But it's difficult. The commute is two hours on office days. I spend six hours per week stuck in stupid traffic.

I do my other job from home. It's flexible hours. I fit it in around my schedule (read: Grady's schedule) and it's for a company that I love. I wear my damn pyjamas while I work. The commute is amazing. But it's difficult. I do not get uninterrupted blocks of time to do my work-from-home job. I fight a toddler for my laptop because who cares if mama has work to do - these Mickey's Clubhouse games aren't going to play themselves.

I love my jobs. I love the balance. I love the opportunity to be at home with Grady while he's young. I love working for two great companies.

But it's difficult.

Today was a work-from-home day. I had a giant list of things I wanted to accomplish for my job. I had a giant list of things I wanted to accomplish around the house. I had a giant list of things I wanted to do with Grady. And I failed. Miserably. And loudly. All day long. I got so little done today. I had a bad attitude. I was kind of a dick to my kid. More than once. My house is suffocating me. Laundry - clean and dirty - and Hot Wheels and junk mail and dust bunnies are piled on every available surface. There is some sort of funky pink film growing in my bathroom sink. I bought the  magic organizing book* months ago and it remains unread.

I am overwhelmed. I feel like I'm failing in all the different areas in my life and then I feel completely unoriginal for feeling that way (way to fail at being original, Hillary!)

Someone please tell me there's a solution to all this and the perfect work/life balance exists. And then tell me how to do it.

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