Hemp Hearts

My friend, Sarah, asked about the hemp hearts in the Kale and Navy Bean Caesar-ish Salad so I thought I'd explain.

I buy hemp hearts (raw shelled hemp seed) at Costco. I add them to salad, sprinkle them on oatmeal, put them in smoothies, top stews and curries with them, and basically just try to add them to at least one meal per day. They have a very mild nutty taste (they don't alter the flavour of food) and texturally they're soft with a tiny bit of crunch, much like a sesame seed.

I see them as a way to add a bit more nutrition to my day. You can get 10g of plant-based protein and 10g of Omega 3 & 6 from just 30 grams of hemp hearts. The big bag costs less than $20 at Costco and lasts in the fridge for a couple months. And I get to feel like a smug hippie when I eat them so really there's no downside.