Grady at 3-2/3

I'm convinced that the person who coined the phrase "terrible twos" had never met a three-year old. I could go on and on about the defiance and the whining (oh the whining!) and the bullheadedness and the newly developed fibbing but the fact that I could go on and on (and on and on) probably means I should take this in a different direction.

So! Awesome things about Grady at three and two thirds:

He says "again" when he means "right now" and it confuses the heck out of people. He gets more and more adamant that he means again and the person he's speaking to (or ordering around, tomato tom-ah-to) ends up completely flummoxed. It feels like our own secret language when I swoop in all "oh again? Yeah, I got this."

He thinks "grated cheese" is actually "Grady cheese" and I will punch you in the ear if you correct him.

He says "bref-kist" for breakfast and "Woolth-gang" for Wolfgang and "eye five" for "high five" and I'm just going to take this opportunity to pour one out for the late "shirtles" that has become 100% intelligible as "shoulders" (sad face.)

He's still completely obsessed with Iron Man. Sometimes he will only answer to Iron Man or Grady Iron Man. We stopped buying him clothes because all he wears is his Iron Man pyjamas (or his Captain America pyjamas if we've confiscated the Iron Man ones to launder.)

He has a big heart and a sensitive soul. He worries about people and hates to see anyone sad. He hugs with his whole body and when he's upset he says things like "can you just hold me?" and it cracks me up and breaks my heart at the same time.   

He has the best laugh. And can throw down the potty humour like a pro.